Is it bad to be on a dating site while I'm dating? I'm not in a relationship though. Will she come back to me?

I've been dating this girl and told her she is the only one I'm dating, i told her I like to take things slow. I like her but I also like the freedom to date around.

The world is really small I've been chatting to someone else on dating site and that is her friend. Her friend told her everything. She did't yell at me she simply told me she knows eveyrhing now and she is hurt by my lies.

I said I'm sorry and I'm only there for curiousity. She responed I know you've been there for months. You are free to explore, I'm free from you.

Am i dumped now? I dumped her 2 months ago!


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  • So you're dating BUT not in a relationship?

    That's total bullshit and you know it. You need to man up and stop playing these stupid games. You are too old for this teenage nonsense.

    • We broke up already, therefore we are NOT in a relationship. I'm dating her and spending time with her, but I'm not doing anything more than kissing. How am I in a relationship?

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    • If you're DATING someone you are IN A RELATIONSHIP.

      Honestly. You are a GROWN man!

    • @bellepepper way too many man are commitment phobe like him. They avoid labels so they can play around. they can't commit to anyone. He doens't want to be committed to her and now he is tripping on GAG will she come back? I hope she doesn't, as she deserves better.

  • I would say yes dating sites aren't the best for dating it doesn't help at all i would say leave it an go out and live your life you dont need love when you have family and friends


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