Do I just keep on ignoring him?

He dumped me 3 years ago and sporadically messages me with *how are you?*

I've moved on but its still unnerving do I just keep ignoring him... just want to be adult about it all the only thing he can communicate with me on is a messaging app, as I've since changed my number and blocked him from social media when he did the dumping. If reply after so long but in truth I doubt he would care how I am so going on gut to ignore it.

Is it petty to ignore a message after so long?


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  • well how do you feel?

    • I feel dull inside

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    • Yeah, well before that it was just to hook up with me but he kept getting told no not interested, I've just deleted the messaging app altogether now... x

    • seems like a good way to go, good luck to ya.

What Girls Said 1

  • Block him as well.


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