I don't know If I wan to leave him or stay?

I was thinking of wanting to break up with my boyfriend but right now when I tell him, I feel like a little sad and crying... But I'm sure I don't love him anymore :( . I don't know what I feel right now?


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  • roll the dice then

    • I did.. He said he will die today. i'm worry if he really do

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    • because i have been in the same frame of mind and personally think that anyone who does act on it is weak and is better off gone can't stand entitled fuckbois who sook about how shit their life is soz m8

    • I see. Thank for your opinion.

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  • So you absolutely know that you don't love him anymore. But when you think about actually telling him that you want to break up, it makes you want to cry. I would say you're not ready to break up with him yet. In all of my past relationships, when it was truly my time to break up, it was a no-brainer. I didn't cry when it happened, I just felt happy that it was over. In one case, the final straw was being told I was going to go to hell for my beliefs. In the other, he said that he was too busy for me and that I wasn't allowed to text him at all for the next 5 months until school was over. So until you are just so sure you don't even need to ask a question on here, stay with him.

    • I hate myself right now :( I end thing with him. He said he will die today 😭.

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    • If it makes you feel better, I've told my boyfriend I've wanted to break up with him 4 or 5 different times over the last year and a half for various reasons that have now been resolved pretty much. But yeah, I know, my boyfriend says the same thing, that he'll die if I leave him and I've never been able to go through with breaking up. Not that I ever want to now. So maybe it's for the best that you went back to him

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  • Your just depressed its something that happens to all of us when we are dating just think of those happy times you had together an what he has done for you then ask your self do i still love him? Does he make me happy? You will then find you answer


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