Why do exes come out of the blue to say they've moved on?

Why would they feel the need to say that?


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  • He is testing the water so to speak. He wants to strike up a conversation with you and his way of saying 'I'm back'. Saying he has moved on doesn't actually mean that. He is just shielding himself from any possible rejection from you.

    Him contacting you out the blue is plain obvious that he still has feelings for you.

    • I completely agree with this.

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    • You couldn't be more right, it is driving me crazy and you definitely hit the nail on the head in why it is out of the blue for me... I NEVER expected to hear back from him.

      Thanks for your insight and advice.

    • Keep it simple!! Good luck with your choice whichever you choose.

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  • Good question. They clearly haven't moved on too well if they still feel the need to say that, lol.

    • Yeah, especially I guess if he kept repeating I'm near and dear to him and he wanted me to know and he wanted to see my face through facetime when he told me.

    • I don't get why he'd want to see my face.

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  • That's a good question. I've only had one ex come out after about a year to say he moved on. I told him "Good for you" and that's it. I had already moved on long before. I do hope they genuinely moved on, and didn't say that because they didn't and might want to rekindle the relationship.

    • Mine came back, but he's like saying he wanted to see my face and had been wanting to chat for a while but waited and kept saying I'm near and dear to him.

  • Showing off.. trying to hurt you.. revenge.. trying to get rid of the ex permanently etc.

    • We haven't talked in months and suddenly he's like hey just wanted to tell before you hear from someone else cause I care about you and want you to hear it from me. He even said he wanted to see my face and hear my voice through facetime for the last time before he tells me.

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