I find myself unable to look at ex's social media pages anymore?

i was wondering why i was so bothered by this , they used to be something i'd enjoy looking at when we were still friends but lately the though of even looking at them bothers me. i really don't want to know what she is up to or if there is any pictures of other guys up on them.
is this really normal or a sign of a more serious issue relating to how i feel about her? maybe trying to block things out?


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  • I think that's perfectly normal. Maybe you saw something, and it brought up old feelings. It takes time to get through complicated relationships. Breakups in life are complicated and it's easy to have residual feelings. I have no desire to be with ex but I don't go on his Social Media. He's remarried, and that's fine but I have no desire to spend my time looking at his posts. They could easily bring up emotions. I think this is remedied by not viewing his life.


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  • I think it's you're feelings. No man wants to see his girl or ex with another man or even the thought. Honestly, you just have to be strong and stay busy and keep away from social media, or you will run yourself crazy... for sure

    • I don't really know whats going on or if there is someone else or not , I lost touch with her recently and fear the worst , she also planned to go on some foreign job teaching for a while so maybe she was just going distant so it be easier to leave home I don't know

    • Do u feel like she's seeing someone else?

    • I have my thoughs I guess , it might not really matter much anyways as i'll likely find someone else to date later in the new year , as it does seem like were over regardless , I'd just be more annoyed if she moved on really quickly after we came very close to getting back together , and after she gave off impression she was more into me that anyone else around here

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