Will she continue to contact me or should I give up?

I dated this girl for awhile we were talking and texting all the time. We slept together than the texts from her started taking for ever to return and shorter than she stopped answering my calls. We are 3 hrs away from each. She said that the distance was a problem and an ex came back into the picture. But she said I was nice and sweet and wanted to be friends. I stopped texting her for 4 days than I texted her and we talked again. I text her the other day and she never responded. I told her i was trying to rush her into a relationship and the distance thing we could work out. Will she text me again or should I give up hope it's been 2 days since she never responded back?


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  • I´d say move on. She doesn´t seem that interested in you, and I know thats not what you want to hear but you wouldn´t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn´t care to reply to you anyway. Believe me, the best thing for you its just to move on. There´s plenty of other girls who deserves your attention more than her, and you will only realize that when you let her go and find another one.


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  • Best thing you can do is say give me a call if you change your mind. Walk and never look back. No calls, texts, emails nothing. Not even a happy whatever day it is. NOTHING!!

    An ex is in the picture now and she has more emotional investment in him than she does you. Maybe it will work out maybe it won't.

    Only thing you can do is move forward with your life. Your next great love might be around the corner. Just don't focus to much on someone who doesn't want you.

    I hope you find the happiness you deserve.


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  • Stop the begging, this girl clearly isn't interested. If she was, then she'd make an effort to keep in touch with you. You're clearly pulling all the strings, and maybe out of feeling bad she occasionally will respond to your ongoing efforts to communicate. This girl isn't interested, move on.

  • Dude... get over her... you don't want to be with a person who doesn't want you feverishly and sees magic inside your eyes.

    Today it's this ex, tomorrow it will be some other dude with a strong personality I mean you so deserve better man... everyone does.

    You can't see it. But she is not into you, the way you are meant to be smitten with. Apologise to yourself for putting your self in this position. Be polite with the person in question, smile, and fly away. There is no shame in falling down. You did. Now pick up, and go.

    Use the time to get good at something, something that makes you irresistible and irreplaceable. You shud be number one deal by a factor of 10. Else you are not guarding your territory, you know what I am saying !!!


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