How can I get my ex back?

Hey everyone. I'm a 17 year old girl in high school and I'm going through a really rough time. My boyfriend of a little under a year broke up with me a month ago, yet I'm still so in love with him and I'm completely heartbroken. The breakup completely blindsided me as he still always told me he loved me the weeks leading up to the break up and I never saw it coming. He had been acting kind of distant lately but whenever I asked him what was up he would just say school or family problems and would change the subject. He broke up with me due to being unhappy in our relationship. He said he still cares about me a lot and he does and will always love me but said it's just not the same now. I wish he would have told me what I was doing that made him unhappy so I could have changed that. He was my first boyfriend, first love, and I still love him so much and just want him back. To make matters worse, some of his friends dislike me, in fact they hate me, although I've never done anything to them. They told him that I was spreading bad rumors about him (which I wasn't) and that made him mad at me, and lead to us arguing over text. We haven't talked in person at all since the breakup but I see him everyday at school and there's a couple times of awkward eye contact but overall we just ignore eachother, which hurts bc only a little while ago we were always together. I felt so comfortable and so at home with him and without him I feel so lost and worthless. Also, my friends who've I've known since elementary school are avoiding me, and not helping me at all, but instead they're hanging out with my ex and his friends. They all snapchat him and text him all the time and that really bothers me. I've lost my boyfriend, my social life, and my friends and I feel like my life is going down the drain. I just want him back. Help?


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  • You're in high school, chill. You have about 80 good years left, unless you don't succumb to drug use that is. Anyways, point is, you need to look at the future. You guys might not get back together, and that's fine. There's plenty of guys out there. You haven't found your soulmate yet, trust me. And if you do get back together, you'll probably break up again. Just get over him and focus on school, do sports, video games, whatever you need to do.

    • Yes I know and I realize that I'm still young and have time to meet more people but since the break up, I've tried to put myself back out there and talk to more guys but when I do, I always end up not liking them bc I self consciously compare them to my ex. And seeing him with any other girl would actually kill me. I'm really worried I can't do better than him.

  • Being young, he probably isn't attracted to you anymore or is with/trying to get with another girl. I wouldn't pursue him as you'd be wasting your time. I wouldn't still talk to him/be friends as it will only be harder on you.

    • I hope that's not the case. The days leading up to the break up he still told me he loved me and told me I was beautiful all the time. I haven't heard or seen him with any other girl. I can't get over him even if I try. He was so perfect to me

    • Young guys really mistake lust for love, their hormones are so high that they really don't know what they are feeling and what it means.

      I guess you can give him space and see if he comes to you/misses you. Constantly texting/asking him what's wrong will only make him feel pressured/suffocated and push him away.

    • Yeah I have hardly texted him at all, 2 times he's texted asking if I was spreading bad rumors about him which I wasn't, Other than that we haven't talked at all. He also cried a lot during the break up, even more than i did, which I thought was odd.

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  • If he was unhappy in the relationship then you should accept it's not what he wants and move on.

    • But the thing is he never seemed unhappy at all. And he always told me he loved me so much. I just don't know how he could have been unhappy at all and I just feel like he's the one for me

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