HELP!!! Should I ask him to hang out again?

I don't want to keep asking him to hang out?

Makes you seem desperate doesn't it?


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  • Need more info.

    When did y'all last hang out?
    How often do y'all hang out?
    How often have y'all known each other?
    Are you wanting a BF/GF or a friend out of this? What does the other party want?

    • We last hungout last Saturday but I also know he's crazy busy with work.
      Yes I want my be his girlfriend again and I don't know what he wants but I know he likes me since we go out sometimes.

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    • Right so I don't want to make it seem like I am needy. Like after he took me out last weekend I texted him after I went home and said I had a good time and he didn't reply but he had to go to sleep for work the next day

    • Would i

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