Wanted me back and now I've been treated like an idiot?

we broke up a month ago and during that month he kept hinting that he wanted me back. the first two times I said I needed to think, then 3rd time I asked to get back and he said it was that sex before marriage was hard enough during 8months we were together and that any longer than that would be harder and he didn't want to do what I didn't want to do. so we stayed friends, then on valentines day he told me he missed me but I dismissed the comment and ignored him, then on the 26 ( day he asked me out and day we broke up) he brought up the subject on why we broke up and I basically said why did it matter anymore, when we've decided to stay friends and that I thought we had already sorted it out, he got angry and all the reasons to our break up came up again we argued and he then said whatever basically and then we haven't spoken for a week. I'm so confused, I miss him somehow but I'm so confused, he basically doesn't want to talk because I texted him back and never got a reply so what's point, id like to at least want to stay friends but I don't think he wants to talk, I need to learn to not care. First love's are hard and so will the rest...


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  • so the reason you guys broke up is because he wanted sex and you didnt? but then after a while of you guys not being together he wanted to get back? during that time did he mess around with anyone else?

    • No we broke up because we kept arguing everyday and it felt like I was being taken for granted, and arguing all the time became to much,even over the stupidest things. No he didn't mess around with anyone else, but I don't understand this... for 8 months he wanted to be with me and said he was fine with us having no sex. We break up and all the sudden he says he's finding it hard? yes I know its hard, but why do you want me back or like why does all the sudden it matter? so confuseddd sorry x

    • Something similar like this just happened to me. I don't know if it helps but the reason his best friend told me was that he said he has been with me so long that why not wait a little longer and have it mean something.and he thought I would be more willing cause we were together for so long.10 months.