Why won't he just break up with me now?

Me and my boyfriend of almost 3 months officially, and a year of crushing have finally hit a bump in the road. Let me start by saying we get along wonderfully! We make each other laugh, we think alike and act alike, we're like best friends. Literally our only problem, which is now REALLY a problem is lack of sex. I've never had sex before so I'm nervous about it. He on the other hand has been around the block like a lost taxi. Anyway, he says he doesn't know how much longer he can wait and that sooner or later he'd break up with me, I guess to avoid being a cheater. Now I'm no foolish teenage girl. I'm 21. And there is no way on God's green earth I'd sleep with him after hearing that! I'm just curious as to why he won't just rip the bandage off now? Does he want me to break up with him? I'm not gonna give him that satisfaction. I made a promise to him not to hurt him and, unlike him, I'm sticking to it. He's gonna have to end it eventually, but what is he waiting for?


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  • 3 Months and he is already ready demanding sex... yup shows what kind of morals he has. You two are still very well in the early stages of a relationship and to expect you to already give it to him is unreasonable and shows what his priority in this relationships... certainly not getting to know you but to just get sex.

    I think he's really just playing the waiting game to see if you'll give in. That's really all he is doing. He knows you like him I'm sure so he figured eventually you'll just have sex with him.


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  • It sounds like a lot of grief has been cast because you sound to be a bit prude. No mention of saving it for marriage, yet you say what is he waiting for.. It's really not that fair to deny him because you're a virgin and nervous. With that said, it was wrong of your guy to say he might break up even if it was said over frustration.


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  • After only 3 months I think what he expects is high ; especially the girl is virgin. You do not have to do anything just because he wants.

    He will not break up with you. If he wanted he would have already done it. He is just trying you.


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