Should I just let him break up with me to avoid breaking his heart?

I don't want to hurt my boyfriend of 8 months, but our relationship is going absolutely nowhere with his horrible drug addiction. He's addicted to crack cocaine and I want him to go to rehab but he threatened me. I tried to break up with him a few weeks ago, but he threatened to kill himself and I had to make sure I wasn't framed for a crime that I didn't commit. He says that he's depressed, but whenever I want to talk to him about it, he pushes me away, buys me things and says I'm the best girlfriend in the world. I feel like it's some sort of trap. Please help, I don't want him to keep ruining his life but I don't want to be apart of it anymore. What can I do?


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  • Let him kill himself. He's going to anyway with his his drug use. He just manipulated you and you fell for it. Dump his junkie ass and get out... now!


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  • Don't waste any more time on him. He's addicted to drugs and a waste of space. You only live once and I've wasted my life on people like that before he will never change.

    Find someone decent and be happy. Ignore the death threats to himself it's just to control you. Get out while you can please xx

  • Isn't this like the perfect relationship for a girl though? I can't see you ever leaving him, too much jucy drama and mother instinct.


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