My girlfriend broke up with me and said she lost feelings for me and blocked me everywhere?

4.5 months and we had a few small arguments like any relationship. She broke up with me last night randomly through text, saying we having been having too many arguments over the same petty things and 1 argument I became a little aggressive but never no name calling or swearing and I told her sorry over 20 times, and brought her to a basketball game and bought her a teddy bear and showed I'm sorry, she keeps saying she can't get over how I made her felt and she lost feelings for me and she blocked me everywhere expect phone and text.
I was always there for her I litterly did treat her like gold and I find it hard for someone you love to just lose it like that? She said there's no negotiations... I don't Believe her.. And I really want her back. She had abusive relationships before and I think she's scared or something, but I'm nothing like those past people. I don't know what to do she was crying over the phone when I said I hope you can find someone better than me.. And she started to cry. Is there any chance? I do love her more than anything and I know she doesn't mean what she says I just feel she doesn't... I'm 20 she's 21. She's been also suffering for depression and anxiety. I honestly gave her everything I could. Her family loved me. I called her dad to explain what happened and show respect and how loving and caring I really am for her daughter. She called me after hearing i called her father about it, and said now you really crossed the line I hate you and never want to see you again? I just don't believe it and she was crying..


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What Girls Said 2

  • If she said there is no room for negotiation, it's probably time to let that one go. Maybe she will come back to you at some point, but for now I would just let it be a clean break and move on.

    • I really hope she will message me soon... Of what happened It didn't deserve a breakup... I love her too much for this to happen...

    • Maybe it's not about what happened at all. Maybe she just came to a point in her life where she needs to be single. It might be more about her and how she's feeling.

  • Give her some space, then maybe text her something simple and try to rekindle the relationship slowly.


What Guys Said 1

  • Let her breath, start reading books and remember.
    There is three important steps in order to get her back:
    1. Have patience.
    2. Don't obsess over it.
    3. Do not contact her.

    Show her that you have good time without her and you doing fine, eventually she will reach you. Dont made the mistake to contact her way too much.


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