Guys, why did he SUDDENLY say he needs time and isn't ready for a girlfriend and I deserve better?

So this guy literally asked me out YESTERDAY, and we have been txting since there was no school and in school i can tell he likes me. He said that likes me for my cute personality and laugh and he always calls me cute/hot.

After i accepted him he was really sweet to me. (A lot of people calls him a fuckboy but i think his past plays a huge role, his past is rlly sad and i feel like he probably is actually very insecure since he always asked me why i liked him and said that he's arrogant selfish and a douchebag)

Today we were txting and joking around and suddenly he just said srry i dont think im ready for a girlfriend because my friend passed away recently and i need time to process and think through this, we still friends...

IM REALLY CONFUSED! Does he not like me anymore or?


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  • Actually there is two points in this particular situation, one of them is the one you think that she doesn't like you anymore, the other one is that he is feeling guilty for something, or he feels the way he doesn't deserve to be with you for some reason.
    You can figure it out while talking to him, if he watch you in the eyes he might be pure and honest, otherwise he hide something.
    Good luck!

    • That night i asked pls talk to me im here if u need someone to talk to but al he said was he just isn't ready and won't tell me anything.
      I dont know how to ask him now...

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  • Losing a friend to death
    spoils all thoughts of having fun and sex, even GFs
    He will take some time to rethink how hedonistic he's been, if this is worthy life path, considering his friend's waste and short live.
    It's not about you but could be... be aggressive & get face-face with him to console him and allow him a shoulder to cry on and he'll be yours after recovery.

    • But he was txting me about sexual stuff before that and it didn't seem like anything was wrong because he was the one initiating

    • THEN "it" hit him hard