Why do guys flirt with their exs when theyre "chasing" another girl?

Me and my ex been split for about 6 or 7 months we have a child together but there isn't a chance of us getting back together. he's always telling me about girls he's been with and 1 that he's currently "chasing" that may turn into a relationship so why is he still all flirty with me always trying to touch me play fighting etc? I have a flirty personality the same as he does we both work in bars so comes with the job but there's still different types of flirting and a few people have noticed it as he even does it when were out and they ask if were back together. So why do it? I keep telling him there are boundairies like i dont mind us being mates cuz we have a child but i dont need to know about his sex life or dates. I dont tell him mine. Is this normal for exs who try to be friends?


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  • Yes, why not, actually mens like to share a lot of things about them.
    They flirt with their ex in order to gain their self confidence, which was been lost,
    but if you want to have them is quite hard, especially if the girl is the dumper.

    • I ended it with him but he had the oppourtunity to come back and didn't so he obviously doesn't want to so i dont understand the need to flirt

  • Every time I broke up, I never have had the slightest contact with an ex. Have no idea how any of them are doing now, and don't care.


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