My ex seriously needs help.

she broke up with me about year ago . after 6 months of the broke up her and I hooked up again . she wanted me to be her boyfriend , but I never could gave her what she wanted it . because I didn't trust her at that time. she begged me for 3 months but I was never give in . when she broke up with me she was seeing that guy . now month ago she went back to that guy again . so I told her I can't talk to her and told her to moved on with her life . now she been calling me like crazy . before she didn't want to bother with me , and now she keep calling . I haven't answer her call at all . I still like her and don't know what to do .should I text her and find out what she want ? or should I keep ignore her calls . what should I say to her ... please


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  • can you trust her now? if not then don't do it. trust is very important.

    as for the comment down there he said they hooked up but she wanted him to be her bf. so they weren't together.


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  • lol she wants you because she can't have you...she HAD you and now she realizes she can't and she's angry about it...if I were you id take things slow, on your pace, she broke up with you so its easier to get her back because she's regretting her decision.

    shes got to proove to you through her actions that she's different and can be that perfect girl for you. but it takes time - nothing will happen over night, so take your time and slowly get back into it if you want...just call to say what's up, make it seem like you're ok with what's going on, even tho ur not...just TAKE YOUR TIME and don't hurt your emotions


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