Will ex of 4 years come back?

Ok so my ex of 4 years left me. Gave so much in our relationship but she left her old friends behind. I was there when her dad died n got the badge her old friends haven't. She spent a lot of her money n so did I as she got left £67,000 . I was helping to build it back up. Now she's treating me like a peice of crap. And meeting all her old friends n posting how fab they are but they never was there when she needed them. So I begged her bla bla said I was sorry for distancing my self as I was more bothered about not loosing all the money. N that so she said don't wanna be with you as don't love you I said ok so ring me n tell me if that's what you truly want ! But she won't. I said we always sort us out n your fine after she said k so I left it. I rang her after n she said why you ringing me cz I don't give a shit in a snarky forced temper. So I hung up n sent a text saying I ring as I want to discus sorting us out n stuff she didn't reply so what should I do? She seems to have missed all her old friends due to limited contact n seems to revisit old memories? Maybe she felt I prevented her? N that's all she wants right now? Should I do no contact?


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  • You should back off. Give her two weeks. You did enough, so I would just wait until she responds to your texts.

    In the Meantime, work on yourself. Meditate. Contact and hang with your friends. Put away everything that reminds you of her in a box. Give her and yourself time to re-evaluate your life.

    Then try re-contacting her. But make sure you don't beg for her back, and have a reason to call her ready, like "Hi, I've been kinda busy today; I just wanted to swing by and pick up " insert item here." Or "Hi, do you remember " memorable place?" I forgot the way there, I wanted to take a friend there.

    The point is to avoid sounding needy.

    • I hear ya ! Pretty much nailed it. I do sound needy. I've not contacted her in 2 days so far but I'm sitting here with like £40,000 worth of stuff she bought she even has my name tattood on her back. It's annoying as I can easily spot her momentum that the grass is greener whilst I'm busy running our buisness fro. Home she's so inconsiderate craving attention from me. Then I give her it and she's just like no your only doing it as I asked. I personally couldn't be arsed with her moaning but I should of maintained the love. So whilst in saying quit moaning she's getting attention from other guys being nice. Which has made her question if she can do better so she left. I did go down hill like from being a gym rat to abit if a fatty n distant but it's easy to get back in shape and be the guy she fell for. But I do t think I'll see her in the same way. I was her first love she never slept with anyone else

    • Aight.
      Don't worry, reality is going to catch up with her. She may seem strong now, but things like her tattoo and her memories of you (like the fact that you were her first) will come back to bite her in the ass.
      Don't be surprised if she starts chasing you as soon as she thinks that you don't give a shit anymore.

    • Ino because 2 years ago she was acting like she thought the grass is greener but I got in quick and give her words of wisdom. I then found out she was telling some guy over Twitter that she loved him and she started begging me n stuff not to go so I didn't. And at first I left her for 1 day she was so possessive and then I took her back n the day after she tried leaving me. She's so stuck up about us spending like £50,000 of her money which at the time was seen as ours. Does she really think a new guy is going to help her replace that money. I don't think so as they have there own individual dreams. I think whilst I was maturing up she was immature I become distant which resolted in her thinking it's better if she left. But I tried I started going places again and then she would go apeshit saying she's spending all her money when I was still spending all mine from work.

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  • She definitely won't if your acting like a bitch and begging like a pussy. Have some self respect and start valuing yourself as a person and go after what you want in life. You gotta adopt the attitude that she will either come back or she won't and get on with living your life and maybe just maybe she will come back. If she comes back and you find out she ain't been loyal dump her. If she just wants to be friends say no as you have enough friends that way you can avoid being her safety net if things go wrong for her. If she's been gone a month with little or no word forget her change your locks, change your number, block her from your social media and start dating again as lifes to short to allow people to treat you like shit.

    • I here ya. U nailed it. It would be funny if I changed the locks as I'm sitting here with £50,000 worth of stuff she bought. I think it's like one of them grass is greener moments. She's very stubborn

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    • Time for you to move on.

    • Definitely move on. Whether she comes back and wants to have another go at it is upto her but she tells silly lies to try n hide things because she knows if she told me I would never take her back. End of the day she's changed so I don't think it would workout. Thank you for your time an effort m8

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  • you could try but its her choice. talk it through

    • We have always talked it out but I used to just go sod it and go to her mums n then ask say if you want me gone tell me now. But due to her loosing her v to me I always felt that maybe she would experience some sort of grass is greener thoughts. And I think that is it now lol it is funny because I remember her begging me not to go and she's given so much like I literally am sitting here with £50,000 worth of stuff she bought ! Lol she's even got my name tattoo on her back. So she's sat there saying I don't love you which is just a pathetic excuse for what she means is she prefers to explore other men and the single life. It's unfortunate its come to this.

    • ok forget it your a dick

    • I wasn't completely she would moan about how much money she spent. I would work 39 hours and selling stuff on the side coming home selling online till 4am go back work and then help her with carboot sales. Whilst she was sleeping? . She would then have these weird obsessions like getting an I phone I would say well there like £600 she would go ape saying don't tell me what to do and I'm like well you can't save money but yet spend it so do whatever. And she would start calling me a dick

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  • Man move on honestly get your confidence back and find yourself. She will find you probably when you find yourself.


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