Is it wrong/rude of me to ghost out?

My ex hurt me a lot and he is not even aware of it because he lacks empathy and he is an asshole. I've been nothing but good to him even after a breakup, but I found out that he lied to me a lot and it really hurt me. I can't even be civil with him anymore, it hurts even when someone mentions his name. He has been texting me on Skype but I'm just ignoring him because I don't even see the point in pointing out how I feel anymore. There's no point telling him about all those stuff he lied about months ago and I don't have a desire to communicate with him at all anymore because I don't trust a single word he says. I really don't hate him and I certanly don't want to fight, and if I do respond to his messages it will turn to a fight and I'm so tired of it. I just want to put everything behind me and hope he gets a hint. I know ghosting out on someone is rude but I think it can't even compare to all the lies and games he played with me. To be honest, I wish he would magically change and become a better person, but that's not gonna happen and I can't sit around hoping for it.
We were together for 4 years. He dumped me because he got bored and lazy, he wanted to be just friends. It's been a year.


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  • I think you are really doing it right. You have suffered enough already and it's your right to finally move on with your life and get the kind of love you deserve. so just keep going your way and I hope things will turn good for you.


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  • Girl just stop nagging and move on! Geez! Why are we still talking about him! He dead! Done! Its over!


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