Guys is this weird?

My ex and I had a kid together, he has been staying over about 3 nights a week to help out. He walks around in his boxers, puts his feet on me, buys me food, does extra stuff, etc. I this normal, I feel like it is confusing. Is he just comfortable around me, we've been broken up for 7mths.


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  • Well, I wouldn't say it's weird and plus he knows you well too, since he is your ex.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you answered your own question.

    I don't think it's weird, but I do think it's unique. He definitely is comfortable around you, and that's all I can say for sure. I don't know enough to tell you his intentions, though I would guess that he's just trying to be nice. But I must congratulate you for getting along with your ex, and I'm glad that your ex is helping out. I wish mine went out of his way to help me with our kid. :\
    Anyways, I hope I helped.


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