My ex boyfriend's status on Facebook?

My ex boyfriend's status on Facebook says, "The person you used to love becomes the only person you wanna love :D "

Is he talking about me and wanting to be back with me?


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  • It's a possibility... I wouldn't get too excited.

    I can definitely relate to that tho... I loved this girl, and it's like no matter how bad it has hurt in the past and still hurts now, I don't ever wanna stop loving her, and it's like even if I wanted to stop, I don't think I could.

    Sometimes I don't even want to fall for anyone else, but that wouldn't be in my best interest... :(

    Sorry to stray from the question, but I just really related to what your ex said, just there...

    • Its ok, love is hard. its the best thing and the worst thing in the world, both at the same time. do you still talk to her?

      and he changed his status to "hmmm...i just don't know anymore"

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  • this can relate to any ex girlfriend he may have you guys been communicating if any? is he seeing someone else currently? how did your relationship end? who ended it? was there a main reason for the break up or somethign stupid? give me some more details on your break and what happened towards the end and ill try and help :)

    • We dated for 5 months and about a month before we broke up, he started arguing with me over the stupidest things. He broke up with me and I would try talking to him but he wasn't really into having a convo with me. We broke up 4 months ago, and just recently he told me that he still cared for me and liked me, and if he was wasting his time on me for me to tall him so he can move on.

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  • it can mean you or someone else (his ex or first love)...and his second status might be because he has met someone who he loves too...

    • I recommend staying away from his Facebook until he makes up his silly mind. whatever he says might just give you hope, only to be chopped into tiny itty bitty pieces once again.... I keep telling myself that too =)

    • Ya you should.....and go out and have fun!!!

  • how long ago did you break up and how long did you date?

    • We dated for 5 months and broke up 4 months ago

    • could be you. But its only gonna drive you crazy thinking of him. Best thing to do is completely ignore him and do your own thing.

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