He is cheating.

Have been with him three years plus and we broke up recently.

I found out he is cheating on me after a year we were together. I confronted him and he said that when we started our relationship he was not with her girlfriend anymore (they broke up). But they went back together after we have been together for half a year (so I dun even know who is the third party, I even suspect they never broke up in the first place). He said he loves both of us and not willing to let either one of us go. His girlfriend doesn't know that he is cheating on her. Most of the time he is with her and he brings her home to meet his parents but not me.

Have been waiting for more than two years now and nothing has changed so I broke up with him recently. I wonder why I am the only person suffers here and not her. I feel like letting her know that her boyfriend is cheating. Should I? I know I am selfish...but I dun want to let him to get away easily... How?


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  • im glad you broke up with him.. for some reason women love bad boys so we let them push us around. I was once with a guy for 2 years and throughout the relationship I knew he was cheating on me yet I still stayed with him until one day I got fed up. till this day, I still hate myself for not breaking up with him when I had a lot of evidence. I was stupid and regret it every single day... telling the girl about the relationship you had with him is not selfish, your just saving her from his stupidity. she deserves the right to know that she is with a cheating b*stard!... if she doesn't believe show her evidence, pics of yall... he is a horrible person and deserves to go through the same pain he put you through...

    • He deserves the pain......

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  • walk away and move on. you stand nothing to gain by involving yourself further in this ridiculous situation.


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  • I am so glade you got out of that horrible relationship.

    That took strength. I would say that you should just walk away. Leave that guy totally don't get involved in anything anymore.

    You did it so just keep walking. You go gal.

    • I think I would regret jus walk away like this, I think should teach him a lesson.

    • Actually, its realy up to you. As long as you do not get hurt in the process. But keep walking would be smart. :) Its a sure way to get over him faster.

  • Honestly, I'd tell her. I would do anything to spare someone that heartbreak of finding out their significant other is cheating. But, it is not going to be easy and it will cause a mess if you do.

    • What sort of mess to expect?

    • You might get accused that you're making up things, she might take it the wrong way and see you trying to sabotage her relationship, etc. etc. You never know how people can react to this sort of a thing. But honestly, I'd do it. I had a girl that lived to me next door who used to cheat on her boyfriend all the time. He used to jump through hoops for her. I told him, she got p*ssed at me for meddling, he didn't believe me but later messaged me saying "thank you for saving me months of agony."

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