He is cheating.

Have been with him three years plus and we broke up recently.

I found out he is cheating on me after a year we were together. I confronted him and he said that when we started our relationship he was not with her girlfriend anymore (they broke up). But they went back together after we have been together for half a year (so I dun even know who is the third party, I even suspect they never broke up in the first place). He said he loves both of us and not willing to let either one of us go. His girlfriend doesn't know that he is cheating on her. Most of the time he is with her and he brings her home to meet his parents but not me.

Have been waiting for more than two years now and nothing has changed so I broke up with him recently. I wonder why I am the only person suffers here and not her. I feel like letting her know that her boyfriend is cheating. Should I? I know I am selfish...but I dun want to let him to get away easily... How?

He is cheating.
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