How to make him talk to me?

I was (am?) in a long distance relationship. It seemed really serious, we even talked about our future plans. Suddendly, he said he's wondering if it's going to work out because of the distance and it makes him really upset. And then nothing. He's silent for a few days, doesn't reply my messages but I know he's read them. I've never expected he could just leave me without a word. My heart is broken but I just want to say goodbye. What should I do to make him talk to me?
And does it mean it's over? Why does he act like this?


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  • You can't make anyone talk to you. Only thing you can do is think about yourself. Do what he is doing. Just go quiet. Quickest way of getting someone's attention is to remove yours. If and when he does contact you. Just tell him that you don't deserve to be treated like this and ask where you stand. If he can't give you that, then just walk and find someone else who can. Good luck.


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  • Just text him
    a serious message?
    Tell him how you feel and that you're saying goodbye to him.
    If he's not an asshole he'll answer you politely back if he read it and didn't answer you girl you deserve better !
    ldr are just a pain in the ass coz you never know what is happening on the other side :/ some guys tend to be eager in the beginning then give up halfway coz texting is bothersome , they are too busy , found someone else that they can have instantly contact with instead of waiting and controlling yourself.

    • I did it and told him he hurts me. He's never acted like an asshole, we were soulmates. I don't believe it's happening.

    • hope he replies ! Yeah I know how it feels I don't know why some guys decide to do something like that but I always send a message back just to let them know how I feel or think about it.. mainly to give myself a peace of mind and move on :)

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  • sorry for what happened.
    asking his attention (to talk to you) it's like asking him a temporary relationship with painful end.
    the only one who needs your attention at this time is you to know what do you want and what do you need.

    Good luck...

    • I don't want a relationship anymore, just to say goodbye. Now I feel like I meant nothing for him. I've never felt so down and alone in my life.

    • I understand what you've been through, remind yourself that no pain comes without a purpose. move on from what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you. just cuz you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing and alone. stay patient and stay positive cuz
      healing take time. maybe not immediately, but eventually.

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  • The most painful goodbyes are the unspoken and unsaid ones, because they leave you with endless questions, so you feel you don't have closure. Sometimes you just have to let things be, and realise some things aren't meant to be understood... just accepted

    Long-distance relationships are too hard to maintain, it is rare that they work out. There's too many obstacles that prevent you both from being together. The only way they work is if both people are putting in equal amounts of effort , and both are making sacrifice to a help it survive.

    Personally i would just move on from him. Why lose yourself to someone who doesn't care about losing you , and why waste your feelings and emotions on a guy who obviously doesn't value them. If you do , you will just drowned in your own sorrow


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