How to get over a break up?

I've just split from my first boyfriend, we dated for a month and a half. The first month was great but his true colours began to show. I do feel heartbroken but I know for a fact it will get better, I just need some pointers on how to get there!! Thank you


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  • You may think to do the following things:

    Step 1: Feel the loss or void. It doesn't matter if it takes a day, week or month. Do not force away your thoughts from those feelings.

    Step 2: Accept the person is no longer with you, and would never come. Accept the heartburning emotions.

    Step 3: Focus on the good memories this person brought to your life. It's important not to dwell on the negatives otherwise that could cause you to relapse to anger.

    Step 4: Focus on things you would have loved more to experience from this person.

    Step 5: Remove items about him that may cause you to deny reality.

    Step 6: Set important activities to do daily. Focus on completing them. Activities focus your mind on positive emotions.

    Step 7: Remember something good is coming to you.

    Step 8: Let time be your best friend.


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  • I think you need to focus on why you broke up with him. Sometimes people look perfect on the surface but then we find out they're not so great after all. One of my biggest regrets is not breaking up with a guy when I was in a similar situation. Luckily he moved away for school or I would probably still be with that jerk.

    I think you should watch some fun movies and hang out with your friends :)


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  • don't worry.. what happened not cuz there's something wrong with, as you said his true colours began to show. take revenge by showing him that you're better than him and you don’t need him in your life. but if that kinda revenge didn't work at least it will change you to different positive person.

    Good luck...

  • Dont worry it wasn't a long one relationship, you will get over it quickly.


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  • It's not been a month it's not that serious your 15 you have a lot to live still trust me been there done that


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