Should we stay friends or move on?

My best friend and I have been sleeping with each other... We just recently started talking again because last year we ended our friendship because I told him I had feelings for him. Over a year has passed and I got over him. He recently has came back into my life and we both agreed that we were just going to be friends. Well that didn't work out so good. My feelings for him is starting to come back. And now I feel like his starting to feel this way for me too. Just by his actions and him being more affectionate then he used to be. Although I think we are both scared to admit to us liking each other because we don't wanna ruin our friendship like it was ruined before because of this. I'm starting to think it's just impossible for us to just be friends ... should I just tell him it's not going to work out and maybe we shouldn't be friends because obviously we just can't be friends or should I just ride this out. take it slowly and see where it goes? UGH! I'm so confused..


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  • Move on.


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