Do I miss her because I see her as a trophy, or because I truly miss her?

But first, some quick background info...
My girlfriend recently just stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I felt like there was no reason for it, and I've tried contacting her for closure, but she just won't respond. Its been a few weeks now, and im beggining to transition away from her. But, when I think about it, I wonder if I truly miss her for who she was or if I miss her because i see her as more of a trophy.

Ill say this, she's very attractive, and I feel almost as if I had won something by gaining her. Like I had accomplished something that not many guys could (i think she plays hard to get). But when I look back at everything besides her good looks, I feel like that there really wasn't much else underneath that surface. Id say she's one of the better looking women I've been with, but defiently not the most affectionate in any department. When I look at it this way I wonder if I just miss her because I feel that "trophy" I once had was now gone and will one day go to someone else.

Does anyone have any further insight an such a situation?


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  • From what you've told us I believe that this is definitely a trophy situation. Because you said so yourself, she's the best looking you ever dated and you had to work hard for her, but she didn't satisfy your needs for affection. The affection and closeness is the nurturing part of the relationship, but if you don't have that, then all thats felt to admire are her looks, which is a superficial aspect, so all you're left with is a trophy. That was a lot of psycho babble, I hope it was helpful :) hahaha


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  • You just miss the trophy.


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  • Hmm... I often wondered myself if I was seen as "just a trophy" Let me ask you what are the 3 top things you miss about her?

  • So you only missed her because of her looks... I don't know if I could relate, eyes is in the eyes of the beholder, if her heart was cold and she want a warm humble sole then, no... no I don't see myself missing a trophy over actually loving them and missing spending the quality time we shared... so I'm thinking you miss her because you loved her and cherish the time spent, and it's a plus if she's attractive to you and others.. but if you're missing her I'm pretty sure you are missing more than her looks.. don't try and convince yourself otherwise. Admit you miss her and love her for who and what she meant to you. It's the first step towards healing


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