Why did he call me and ask me if I'm really sad after he broke up with me yesterday?

Yesterday evening my (now ex) boyfriend broke up with me and it really hurts because I really love him, and our relationship was serious and we were even gonna get married next June! And I started going to his house and hanging out with him and his family almost every day. I feel so heartbroken and like I'm shattered into pieces. And late this morning he called me right after I woke up when I was eating, and he said "you're really sad huh!" I was like "WHAT?" Totally surprised and I told one of my friends on Facebook and I was like "WOW!!! I thought that he doesn't give a damn about me or my feelings!" That's what I kept thinking last night and this morning when I was on my bed crying and pouting. Why would he say that when HE broke up with ME? And I know he told me earlier that he's really sad and maybe mad, angry. He said he was crying a lot last night too when he went to bed to go to sleep.


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  • I don't know that's really strange and yes, you're right he doesn't care about your feelings

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    • Thank you. I am more logical than some of the people I know, but I guess it's not enough to make it easy to let go. It still seems hard but I have to really try and its gonna possibly be more difficult when I see him and he constantly tries to talk to me

    • And you're welcome

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  • Everyone demonizes the person who initiates the break up, yet a lot of people are still sad to end the relationship. I adored my ex to the nth power, but I was feeling taken for granted and I didn't see a happy future for us. We talked about marriage and a life together, but I found out I was not valuable to him. I tried to fix our relationship, but that was ignored and then there were big arguments over that. Breaking up w/him shattered my heart, but I knew everything worked out for the best. Maybe your ex truly cared for you and just didn't see a future in the relationship.


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  • Sounds like he's trying to mess with your head... i hate when people do that. It's happened to me before with exes

    • Oh God! I hate that! And thank you

  • Because he still loves you... A guy who has no feelings for you would never even ask. It is simple yet confusing but it happens.

    • Thank you. And I really don't get it and still. He said I'm the only girl he wanted and he broke up with me because I broke his heart, feelings and everything.

    • Well... truth is... men/women break up with a person for A REASON, which we may know or not. But it doesn't matter because it is either they stay or not. I suggest you leave him. Or just stay as friends. There's a guy out there for you be patient.

    • Thank you

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  • Talk to him about it. Ask him his reasoning for ending it. If he's so heartbroken over it why did he do it?

    • Thank you. I just talked to him and he said it's because I broke his heart, feelings and everything

  • You're guy's (ex boyfriend) is a fool. I don't think he cares about you by asking that.

    • I agree with her. You're reading far too much into an off hand comment that didn't mean a thing.

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