How is possible girl to overcome a relationship for about 2 months?

I have the strange feeling that she is going out with somebody else which is friend on my friends, we live about 300meters away each other.
And if she really is going out with him and forgotted about me I'll be completely mad at her, fuck this.
We we're being together for more than 4 years and if she just do it in this way, I'm planning to block her, it's not fucking fair damn. I'm really angry and don't know what to do.


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  • Hey man, I know how you feel. My boyfriend of 2 and a half years broke up with me cause we disagreed on keeping the baby, and after two weeks he was trying to hook up with a bitch.

    First off, you need to calm down, and realize that what she's doing is probably out of spite too. This is probably her way of trying to move on.
    With that said, she isn't trying to hurt you, she's just trying to not get hurt herself. Okay?

    I know you feel replaced, almost. Like your last relationship was worthless to her, right? Well, don't worry, I think this is just a facade. There's no way in hell that she could forget four years. Just hang in there.

    • Yes today realized, she is divided to get for boyfriend one of her colleagues at work, or
      one of my 'bestfriends' told to her about another guy and she is divided which one to get.
      I'm so destroyed into pieces hope I die soon, I can't live like that.

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    • Thanks for the help & support

    • You're welcome.

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  • I'm with you! My ex did the same thing. He was flirting with all of my girlfriends that he met through me, and now he is even dating one. We've also been together for 4 years but we broke up a year ago. We are supposedly on good terms, and then he goes and fucks my friend? And is not even trying to hide it! He doesn't see anything wrong with that. I seriously don't give two craps if he's dating or getting married, but doing it with someone I personally know and hang out with is a pure sign of no respect! He knows he hurt me and he knows I'm still healing, why the hell does he has to rub his happiness in my face? I deleted his pathetic ass from everything, and he now wonders why. He is so fucking stupid, not even gonna give him an explanation.

    • Well I see so I'm almost like your situation, they both don't deserve us,
      but in my case I GAVE everything to her, I always tried to make her happy and satisfied in any condition.

      And she just left me like a piece of shit before New Year's Eve, saying to me :
      1. I stopped loving you with the time.
      2. I want to have nice and fit body
      3. Should you stop me from finding the happiness? I said I don't.

      My friend who is dating out with her sister, he said he will support me to get her back,
      and he supported me by, saying to her that there is another boy, friend to him that she could try date him? so how I should feel now? answer is simple betrated...

      Yesterday I found that she likes this boy, and also one of her colleagues
      and she is divided which one to get, according to her friends. The one with better appereance.

    • Wait a second. She used "I want to get a fit body" as an excuse to leave you? Wow.
      That's a petty excuse.

    • @ScorpioMoonChick Yes she used this form of conversation,
      and as far as I can see since one girl send their private chat.
      My ex typed to her, which of the boys have better appereance so I'll choose
      between one of them, I'd say she is thinking, that she is godness and could have anybody..
      And once I'm not the guy with all the requirements fullfilled I'm looser, for her, for her sister and all of her friends, since it's bad idea to love someone who can give you his heart, than having a appereance.

  • Um, it is fair though, you two broke up and she's moving on, as people do when they break up. She's young, and dating someone new doesn't always mean you're completely over the last relationship, it means you are taking steps to move on. What is she supposed to do? Mourn over a failed relationship for years and refuse to be with anybody else?

    I hate to piss in your cheerios but you have no right to be pissed at her because you two are no longer together. Who she dates and when is her prerogative, not yours.

    • In this way of thinking most of the women become whores, but I'll show to her, that I could also go with a lot of girls MUCH better than her. I will fuckin smash her self stupid confidence

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    • Yes I'll suffer since women have stone cold hearts :)

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  • Don't beat yourself up. I've always told guys that come to me for advice to do what they want because if a woman does it to you... she won't care about your "feelings". you are experiencing that.
    4 years though, thats gotta sting... hit on her friend. thats what i would do, if i actually was in love with her... which doesn't happen... for reasons like what you are stating.

    • Well, yesterday I realized she is divided between to boys, one of her colleagues at work and one of the boys which my 'best' friend met her with him.
      And my best friend told her why don't you try with this boy, and she responded oh yes, why not he is cute and beautiful, but I'll decide which one I'll get.
      So how should I feel betrayed? really sucked I even don't know what to do.

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    • yes if I find a hotter girl than her would be better.

    • usually helps...

  • If she moved on that quickly she was probably seeing the guy already behind your back while dating. It's pretty common.

    • Well it's really unfair, but I will delete everything connected to her and hope,
      she will never find me, if she is doing things like that, last month she was saying to me that she couldn't live without me? and then leave me like a piece of shit.
      Fuck this life, fuck her, fuck everything I had with her.

    • Dude calm down. You're overly emotional. Just relax and go about life for awhile until you get your shit together mentally.

    • It's not possible man, it's been 2 months from the breakup and she is so egoistic, thinking about only herself, hope she never be happy if she cheated on me, or go out with this boy.

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