So, yeah, ex pretty much told me to move on with a creep it seems?

I met my ex tonight. I've not saw him for a while, last time I saw him, we argued.

Tonight I was in the local supermarket shopping. He works as a manager there. I saw him stacking some shelves from the corner of my eye and walked to the aisle I needed.

Now, I thought perhaps he'd want to avoid me after last time we spoke. But he stood by the exit of the shop and began sorting things there just as I was checking out.

As usual, he asked how I was and what I'd been up to. So I told him. Part of it involved taking the football team that I coach away to a tournament (a kids team) and I'd jokingly said about this creepy manager who had approached the kids and ask where we were from.

Low and behold, I got a Facebook request from this guy shortly after I got home that night. I hadn't even looked his way and am actually pretty scared regarding how he found out my name.

Anyway, I was laughing about it. And my ex turned from what he was doing to face me and said 'maybe he was a nice guy, you could have gave him a chance'

I just thought: 'what?' Anyway. I replied just saying I wasn't interested in any men and that I didn't need a guy to be happy (which is true).

Just at that, he got up and said he has to go and finish his work inside the shop. He'd only just began stocking the exit part of the shop :S and usually we talk for a little longer. Perhaps he genuinely had other work to do, but I just found it odd how it seems he went out his way to talk to me anyway.

For the record, he sounded kinda down in the dumps/not very upbeat to begin with... so yeah...

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  • I think he may have thought you were telling him about the coach to show him other guys are interested but your still single & happy on your own - he's may have been thinking you were hinting to get back with him or that after the argument you were having a dig who knows maybe he does still like you a little

    but the coach is obviously very interested in you and why give up on a new opportunity who has the same interest as you for something that you likely know the outcome of as your relationship with him didn't last

    • I think you're right about the dig thing. I was actually just trying to make a joke of it, and just felt a little offended that he seemed to be encouraging me to give this new guy a shot :/ it was just weird. I don't know why he'd do that.

    • I think the fact he moved to bump into you on the way out is a positive sign as he could of avoided you, maybe there's been some crossed wires he may have thought you were getting at him & vice versa

      but new chances & meetings don't happen to often in life!
      My aunt Margaret & grans best friend was an office manager in the 1960s, they went on a girls day out to Blackpool & she met a man & arranged to meet him later on the pier, but she said she was so shy she hid & watched him wait for her with flowers until he gave up & she watched him walk away, never to see him again, she died unmarried & without children but had a full & happy life as a second Nanna to us & she said she thought he was her soulmate she said she could still picture him stood there well into her 80's.

      Good luck either way!!!

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  • Do you want to get back with him or are you happy with the way things are?

    • Um, I'm not sure. I'm ok with how things are. I'd consider getting back with him, I just don't think he wants me.

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    • Thanks. Texting barely works for us. It usually causes misunderstandings. I see him when I'm in his work shopping. And usually? We can talk and he'll smile and laugh in my presence. But I feel the memories fade when we're not around each other. It doesn't take too much to capture his attention usually, just walking into his work place and him catching a glimpse of me is enough. I just can't tell where his feelings are at. It's been so long.

    • The only way you're going to know is if you try ;) Best of luck!

  • I'd be more worried about the creepy guy finding out about my name! But. Your ex does sound like he's depressed, and might miss you a little.

    • Exactly!!! But why would he even suggest I move on with a guy like that :/ :( it's definitely creepy. Yeah, he seemed rather down. Not sure what was up.

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    • That's good then... I don't know why your ex would be acting strange. You should talk to him again.

    • It was weird haha. Yeah I will talk to him again. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned another guy was all.

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