Am I wasting my time?

I've known this guy for three and a half years and I've head over heels for him since day one. He lives in a northern state while I'm down south. We had an agreement that we were gonna be together and then we lost touch. When we touched base again, we were both in horrible relationships. We help each other get out of our slumps and I realized that my feelings for him hadn't changed but they had grown on a more mature level. He's moving here in a few months and I asked him if there's even a slight chance of being together and he said yes. But he's also told me that he wants nothing to do with love. Should I wait it out or should I give up now? Three and a half years has been a long time and I don't know if I can just throw that all away now. Help me...please?


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  • be honest I don't think waiting for a boy is a good idea at any age. giving up time or plans for some guy is something you will always regret. however, that said, you are still very young. a guy who is not looking for love may only feel that way because he hasn't experienced it yet. sure he may think the immature puppy love he found in his other highschool relationships was love but I'm sure it wasn't.

    my advice to you is be patient. live your life until he comes, and even continue to do so after he arrives. hang out with other guys. consider even dating them. but above all be honest with this guy. when he moves down to where you live tell him listen I really like you but weve been friends for years and I can do it some more if you arnt looking for a relationship. then see what happens. he may immedeately want to be with you or he may want to take some time to recover from the move, and past relationships. date other guys in the mean time. fill your life with the things you love so that if he turns out to not want to date, its not such a let down. and if he wants to be with can enter into the relationship as a strong independent person. who knowa! maybe he will tell you he doesn't want to be in love but fall for you anyway. what's meant to happen will. good luck!


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  • It couldn't hurt to give it a shot, especially since you've been waiting for 3.5 years. He probably doesn't want to rush anything, and is probably content with letting "it" happen on its own.

    So definitely wait it out. Great relationships aren't supposed to come easy. Too many people either forget or never learn this.


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