Should I stay or leave?

I have been with my husband for 10 years he is controlling and insecure it's getting worse and worse should I stay and work on it or go I am not happy and I feel like I am in a massive rut we have been through a lot together he isn't abusive but there isn't attraction there for me anymore stuck on what to do :(


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  • Stick around and work it out. Try marriage 💑 counseling

    • Counselling won't help cause he will refuse I know this cause he didn't go to counselling when it was offered to him when our daughter passed 9 years ago

    • Sorry to hear that Oh wow. Ok then you need to have a very serious sit down heart to heart talk letting him know you have had it and that you won't stand for this anymore

    • Thanks for MHA GAG

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  • Follow your gut! not you heart. There are times were you need to put yourself first.
    It sounds to me that you pretty much already have you answer but you're scared. do something good for yourself! the world has a lot to offer :)


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  • Try to work things out before you give up.

  • You should leave it won't change

    • Exactly how I am thinking for past few months but how to do it

    • One of two ways. Tell him you're leaving and stay with friends or family or tell him to leave. Either way file for divorce first and league separation

  • Ask him.


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