QUESTION ABOUT EX'S CRAWLING BACK! I need ALL answers! serious responses?

If somebody dumped you when you were good to them!!!
do they usually come crawling back to you on their own terms or AFTER they date some people and the same issues resurface.
For example.
My guy was very sensitive, but I honestly didn't do anything to him! I even asked my family, friends and strangers. I have been good to him and I have even crawled to him begging for forgiveness for a something he took the wrong way.
he likes to misinterpret what I say.
Do you think men tend to come back to their ex that they dumped after they realize that the same issues he had with his ex are starting to show up in other relationshios


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  • No, I believe if you have been a good girl friend and he leaves still, he just wasn't happy with you. And he probably would never be the man you want him too


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  • This has not been my experience with women.

    I'm interested to know the answer in gender reverse.

  • It takes two to tango, and in breakups there is no difference. If he is taking action to break up with you. Im sorry to say, but you must have done something wrong to him. If you did not, you would both be together still.

    However, He really should be more honest with you. If there is a problem he should have talked it out with you.

    Don't ever think you are compleatly in the wrong in this but also never think he is compleatly in the wrong too (thats just immature). Shit happened on both sides.

    Real men tend to put there foot down, when they make a important logical dissection they stick to it. So Im sorry, try to move on without causing too much drama and live a happy life.


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