What is the best way to move on from someone who you can no longer have in your life because he/she keeps breaking your heart?

I'm 21. Even though I've dated before, I think this was my first real heartbreak. I haven't ever felt so torn between the head and heart. I have never gone so stupid for a guy in my life. I have only known him for 2-2 1/2 months, mostly a sexual relationship that blew up in my face when I caught feelings.

He doesn't respect me. He doesn't want anything serious with women. He is just in it for himself. No matter what slew of lies he tells me and tries to comfort me with, I know deep down he's full of it. And I'm just so exhausted really.
exhausted from being disappointed continuously, feeling worthless and thrown aside and forgotten by him, and just putting my desire for him above the appreciation and respect I have for myself.

However, I'm so upset about saying goodbye because I hate chapter endings. I hate looking back at the moment in which I felt so high with him, the beginning of whatever we had. It was beautiful. And the feeling of comfort and the high I get when I am with him is incomparable. I haven't ever felt so connected to a dude before. I've tried so many times to move on and I keep failing. What do I do? I don't want these tears anymore. I need to get back my life.


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  • you won't be a different happy person if you keep that kinda person and that relationship in your life. you keep failing cuz you don't give yourself enough right choices to move on, while he already gave you a lot of reasons to move on. but unfortunately you use unreasonable excuse to let him hurt, disrespect you and to decide what's best for him (he know your weaknesses) which mean this relationship will turn abuse.

    if you're afraid to lose him as he already lost you before, you'll lose yourself respect. life gets much easier when you deal with the source of your pain by cutting him out form your life.
    but if you wait until something happen to take your next step, you’ll likely waiting for the rest of your life. make your happiness more important than him and move on, cuz the only person who can make things right is (you).

    Good luck...


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  • The faster you move on the less casualties you will have

  • Find a good friends with benefits that rocks your world.


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  • You have to completely cut off contact with him. I'm so sorry :(

  • I know how you feel :( I've gone through heartbreak myself and to give yourself to someone who doesn't even care is the worst thing ever.

    Time is really the only thing that's going to help. That and realizing that if he doesn't care about you, then he doesn't deserve for you to care about him.

    Take some time away from dating. You deserve some you time! Invest in yourself. Get involved in some new hobbies, visit friends, get a haircut, work out, do things you enjoy.

    You will grow and evolve and won't be the same person you were when you were with him. Become a stronger more resilient you :)

  • Dear this kinda relationship is not healthy for you !!!
    It is breaking you :/ I don't think he is worth is coz you deserve love and respect too so you are basically putting time and energy in someone who doesn't appreciate it. I know love can makr you do do stupid things and derp down you think he will maybe change.. he will warm up to me eventually etc.
    Not gonna happen sorry... if a guy likes you he will work for you to make you happy trust me!

    It's true that you get that special feeling of happiness with him but you can get that same feeling again with someone else.
    Ending is sometimes the beginning of something new !! :)
    You deserve a guy that likes you back !


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