Still crazy about my ex. Can't stop thinking about her and totally confused.

My ex-gf and I got a little tipsy and admitted all this stuff to each other last friday. Now I don't know what to do. She lives 3 hours away in a college town...ironically I will be living there by the end of the year. Seriously, she told me she was crazy about me and a bunch of other personal deep-down stuff. I don't wanna "drop the ball" and her be in a relationship by the time I can do something about it.
Not only did she open up BIG TIME but we sat in her car (holding hands) while she cried and poured her heart out to me. Not sure if she was just drunk or if what she said holds water.("I miss you, I'm crazy about you, wish you were in my life still")


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  • well, I'd be wary because there was alcohol involved. how long have you been broken up? I think the only way to solve this is to just talk to her. be honest. it is hard to do, but its the only way to answer unsolved questions.

    just say, "do you remember when we were talking last night" . . .if she says no, well that's not a good answer, but she'll probably say yea and you can ask something like, "do you still feel that way, because if you want to, I would want to get back together"

    also, why did you break up?


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