Will my ex come back?

Ok , ex of 4 years left me 3 weeks ago we met when I was 17 she 15 . We fell in love and was very close. She left her mums to live with my family as her mum would t let her stop mine. We maintain a strong relationship wi her family n was fine. Her dad died she got £67,000 . She spent a lot had holidays n that n then we moved she put a lot of money into it. She bought me everything I wanted n I was working to help bring her money back up as she lost her apprenticeship I was working hard and running a buisness aswell. She gave it up for a new job n left me I begged for 2 weeks. N she took her clothe an that I let her take her motorbike but kept mine. It was a £1800 motorbike n as she didn't now a lot she took just £350 n got ripped off. She said after the break up u need a phone so we can text. So I did I begged n didn't get me anywhere so she keeps acting angry at me n stuff. N meeting all her old friends. She says she don't want to be with me but I say ok so tell me you want me gone for good if that's what you want. She won't. So rang her as she got ripped off and I know about the bike as I bought it n rode it n stuff she was just like its my bike I wanted a quick sale I said £1200 would of been a quick sale then I heard a guy in the background saying let me speak to him and she wouldn't hand the phone over so I thought na n hung up. I feel she's lying n not cutting contact and saying things to hurt me n she won't say a final good bye. Why is that when she says she's certain n I said ok well we always sorted things out. So now I left he alone she hasn't said she's with another guy it even likes another one so that's a lie. Why lie n it was 12 at night when I ring and she was with a lad watching t. v so why does she lie?


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  • She is gone. Let it go. You say the final goodbye. Don't talk to her again. Move on, you don't need her to tell you otherwise she can't control you.

    • Ino seems likes she just trying to string me along cba with it now it's beyond the point were I think it's myself as I now see what she's got other ambitions and not with me so cheers man

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