Ex girlfriend issue?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me 3weeks ago had a argument , I beged her 2 twice and convince her but didn't work so I left it then she unblocked me on what's app I've haven't texted her then a week ago she sends a screen shot of the hurtful things I said to her. Maybe to try get my attention, then she said that messed her up I'm not on being with u I ask her what's this about? She said "your just funny that's all I have to say" so ignored it and haven't texted her since its been a week.

she still has me unblocked on what's app but set her profile setting to private like I did first to make as if I blocked her she's doing the same but why?

She he said she's not on it with me anymore but still want to maintain contact I hardly text her anymore?


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  • Yeah, it's not an issue bro... "breaking up is hard to do"... there's always the mixed emotions of the things you liked about them versus the things you can't stand about them.
    It doesn't really sound like either of you are taking steps to mend the relationship... And chances are you will let these feelings linger until one of you decides to move on.
    Personally, my Approach is once I've come to the conclusion that there is nowhere to go with her, I start letting myself free and I will cut her off altogether... push her as far out of my mind as I can, and focus on my own life and my own wants... And then another woman pops up around the corner and I open myself to new possibilities... and that's what I'm suggesting to you that you should do if you're ready to let go... If you're not ready to let go then I suggest you start talking to her about how to mend the relationship, and if she won't talk to you... Then you can keep yourself on some self-created hook or you can let go, the choice is yours

    • She left the lines open but won't text me maybe because I don't text her

    • Yeah... Let her go bro... Let her go.

  • Don't give her proper attention. I stopped texting my ex and she's fucked in the head and she is now spamming me msgs so I'll give her attention.

    I got really unattractced to my ex after the break up so i know she hasn't moved on yet she rebounded with a guy she friendzoned and he kept trying for years. Its been since December and I can't believe she isn't over this bullshit yet...

    • What is she trying to do and why?

    • I re read the post and I didn't understand the last part. But from the rest of it she wants you to make the first move. She has feelings for you still. Don't text her back. She's getting bothered by it.

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