Ex girlfriend still messing with my head?

recently i've been trying to get back together with my ex. she's met up with me multiple times, even though she says "i dont think i can do this".

2 nights ago was really serious because to me it was an indicator that thats it. she's been meeting up with me for a week and she doesn't budge. next day i go out and i hooked up with another girl because im not gonna waste my time being sad over a girl who doesn't want me.

today i texted my ex saying whats up, and all she said was "you think i'm dumb huh?". it is very possible she found out about the other girl... but she must think I AM dumb. she was showing me no positive signs of us getting back together so why wouldn't i move on?


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  • If you are done trying, you shouldn't really be speaking to her because then it turns into a game and nothing good comes of it. I just say move on if she's not being serious. Sounds like she's enjoying you chasing her and she senses the chase was over.

  • Why are you still meeting up with your ex? She's not showing any real interest i getting back together. You will be much better off just moving on.


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