Will ex come back? She won't let go completely and give final closure?

Ok ex girlfriend of 4 years split up. We had a serious relationship and gave a lot. She lost her dad and got £67,000 of which we went and had a lot of fun n we had to move with my family and spent a lot on the house. After splitting up she came to get clothes n stuff as she now lives at her mums and I gave her a final hug n kiss which she wouldn't return I said all the best n asked her if she say goodbye to me n she wouldn't. I spoke over the phone told her in sorry for being selfish n stuff as I never spent time with her as much as she's like. So she said u need a phone so we can text n stuff. Which I got. I tried n tried to get her to give us another go which she was to busy seeing old friends n treating me like crap. So I left it told her I'm there for her. Then I said I applied for a job at our favourite theme park as it reminded me of her. I then rang her n she was ok n friendly. She was at a party n had a few drinks I then said basicly I would love to start a fresh n that I'm sorry for the way I was n my family live her n so do I n I want another chance n her not meeting me halfway is forcing me to move on. She then rang me n started giving me abuse saying how we used to fight n thT I'm a nob n that she wants to get me beat up which is a lie n that all the times we had fun was faked which is a LIE we was very close we had our ups n downs but we both can be stubborn. i learned to not argue n walk away n stuff so I said in sorry n that I thought she should stop being angry. She put the phone down n I just said I'm sorry n we had loads of fun n that I understand she's angry but I accept my faults n I learned n that we shouldn't be angry b I just want to show her I do care n we are worth it. She's just like your to late. I'm like well we're still alive so never to late n that I tried from the first day she split n she never let me have a chance. So I sent her few texts saying my feelings n stuff n she won't cut me out but won't give me a chance.


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  • I hate to be blunt... I really do.
    You need to be the one to cut the heart strings and let her go brother.
    Take what you've learned and apply it to your new relationship, don't repeat the same mistakes that you feel you have made in your recent past relationship.
    Chasing someone who clearly doesn't love you the way that you need to be loved, is a fatal mistake for you... You need to let go, cut her out of your life cut her out of your mind develop other interests and pursue other women.
    But first things first... You need to get straight with yourself and start loving yourself again... Then open yourself up to another love.
    I know that all of what I'm saying is easily said... But doing it, doing it is a challenge.
    You will see... just right around the corner, right after you make that corner and clean yourself up and anoint your head... Right there, there will be another female, she will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
    Have you ever considered that it's not all about what you did wrong or what your failures were in the relationship?
    Some people just don't know how to back up or admit their own failures and it takes two in any relationship to start the fight or in the fight or resolve issues and if you can't do that with her... Just be wiser in your next relationship.
    If there was just one piece of priceless information that I could give you... It would be that she is not worth the blood pouring from your heart... seal up your wounds my friend, this one is not for you. Don't wait for her to tell you goodbye or that it's over... That's for you to decide when you want to set yourself free... Or you can just sit there on your self-created crucifix bleeding out over someone who cannot save you... you are the only one that can decide to set yourself free... My advice would be that you set your heart and mind on doing just that.

  • i'm sorry dude.. i know it hurts.
    but i think you've got to walk away. you're keeping the relationship on life-support and you need to let it go 'cause it's got no life but pain now.

    • True , I got a phone call earlier lol and I ignored it I then text saying what's up boo boo I used to call it her when we first fell in love n stuff. I come to realise that just 3 weeks down the line she has a new boyfriend "rebound" . She hasn't actually told me so I think she's setting her new relationship up for failure that's un fair on the new guy

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