Girls, Ex girlfriend won't tell me she has new boyfriend we split 3 weeks ago?

Ok so ex of 4 years split up with me 3 weeks ago. When we met we fell for each other and she wS a virgin only been with me. She got my name tattood on her back n moved in with my family as her own family was controlling. So he dad died she got £67,000 she spoilt me and stuff n e made and great memories. We moved n continued to spend. Set up our own buisness and she relied on my family for lifts to the market now she has new job I lost mine n she left. I helped her get her stuff which was not much she bought two dirt bikes n let me keep one n stuff n the buisness. So she said u need s phone so we can stay in contact. So I begged got nowhere n now 3 weeks down the line bam ! New relationship I found out by her Facebook which she blocked me on but still talk on the phone. So ring her had s nice convo when she was at party. Then I sent her a text bwt my feelings and it triggered her to ring me and go mad saying I'm a dick, she never had fun in the whole 4 years and that she can't wait to change her sim why don't she do it then or tell me to get lost lol. So I apologised she text saying to late I said it's not in still alive n so are you we always sort things out. Then she ignored and sent me z text saying she sold her dirt bike that was worth £1800 fit £350 ! lol so I rang her n she got defensive saying well it's my bike n I didn't want her to get ripped off n some guy said let me speak to him and she wouldn't pass me to him. She had her chance to say that's my new boyfriend. But didn't I hung up. So sent her lovely text again and said in here for her n that I live her at the time didn't know she had a boyfriend. So I left it then she rang me I ignored n sent a text saying what's up boo boo I used to call it her all the time she ignored then on her Facebook she's got her new boyfriend on an I'm blocked so why won't she tell me her new boyfriend n tell me to leave her alone.


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  • Why are you still calling her? Leave her alone the break up sounds like it was ok so leave her alone

    • im not calling her she called me and i ignored. and then sent her a text saying whats up boo boo and she never responded. that was before i knew she had a new boyfriend as she hasn't told me.

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    • Also. We was limited in our relationship. we never went to party's we focused on our buisness. She's 19 I'm 21 . So I feel like she's just run off to party as she hit 19 noticed her. Money gone and thought I've done nothing with my life. So now I think she's in a pickle as we had 4 years of good memories I was distant with her but now I realise and willing to change. But this is her imaturity she doesn't want that she wants to party lol n feels I can't do that I didn't party as I was running her buisness and working 39 hours a week also. So I would feel really bad if she come running back and I said no as in lying her in a room full of stuff she bought like everything. So i really do t know what to do should I get a new girl and introduce her to my room that my ex girlfriend spent £10,000 on?

    • Get over yourself.

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