Why is my ex's sister being so nice to me and kind of flirty?

After my ex and I really ended things, no if and's or but's, she deleted from Facebook and blocked me on pretty much anything after I had apologized to her for being a jerk the times I was a jerk (I did not cheat on her or anything like that and really the reasons we broke up were because of her reaction to distance in the relationship and her not being ready for a mature relationship). So, no communication at all with the ex and it will stay that way until summer when we both go back to the same job which will be interesting, but that's another story...

So, anyway, I remained 'friends' with the sister on Facebook and there was some minor communication there such as asking her to tell her mom (a teacher) that I finished my substitute teaching credentials and would really appreciate any jobs she could send me way because I needed work. Strictly business stuff. Last weekend I moved out and posted on Facebook about it and jokingly suggested to people that they bring me housewarming gifts. The sister responds, the first time in a while that there was contact between us, that she has a book my ex borrowed and that she didn't know when she'd see me again.

I replied that she could bring it to me or call/text me and we could meet somewhere but later I realized that might not be the best idea and that I didn't care about the book so I emailed her and said that if it would cause problems not to worry about it because I didn't want to rock the boat. She responded, "Who said it would cause problems, silly?"

So, my question is, what's up with this? I'm just regaining my sea legs after the break up and my flirting radar is probably off but this just seems weird to me. Can anyone offer me insight as to what's going on?


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  • She wants you.


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