I saw my ex for the first time after our breakup three weeks ago and he kept talking to my friends and his friends kept talking to me?

I didn't know he was invited to the party. When he arrived he went straight to all my friends when I wasn't talking to them. I went to the bathroom, and he tried to make eye contact with me when I was walking there and I looked away. He kept asking all my friends if he should leave the party. Anyway, one of his roommates followed me upstairs and told me he missed me and gave me a big hug. Then I went downstairs, and all of his other roommates were telling me that they missed me and were giving me hugs and genuinely asking how I was. I never ended up talking to my ex because I didn't feel well and I really didn't want to be at a party he was at. I went home really upset.

I guess my question is, why in the world would he keep talking to all my friends and why were all his friends talking to me? Does he just want us to be cool and friendly with each other? Initially I wanted that, but I'm just so hurt by our breakup.


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  • Depending on how long you two were together friends will begin to overlap. If things ended well as a result of nobody being overtly mean/ is a jerk than it is entirely possible to remain friends. I know it sucks seeing them everywhere but if you two can move past that you can still have a really good friendship as a result. I'm still good friends with my ex's as we were good friends before we stared dating. It happens sometimes, you just have to move on.

    • We were together for a little less than 4 months. We were really deeply in love and he ended up because he 'didn't feel the same way I did' and felt like he was going to hurt me in the long run. He said he talked to a ton of people about the possibility of breaking up with me and that REALLY hurt me. And then on Friday night one of my acquaintances told me that he had contacted HER asking her if he should break up with me. It was an extremely immature thing to do. For a while I did want to be friends, but now I just feel like I was stabbed in the back. He talked to everyone but me about his feelings.

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  • He still likes you, you two should probably talk this out

    • See, I don't think he does. It turns out he asked my best friend's boyfriend this week if he should come or not multiple times, and then last night he kept asking my friends how I was doing and if he should leave. While that may sound like he likes me, today he was unbelievably rude. I texted him and told him that if he wanted to know how I was, he should talk to me and stop putting my friends in the middle. He basically denied talking behind my back both last night and before our breakup (even though I know he talked to my sorority sister before our breakup as well as numerous other people that he told me about which was really immature). He got so defensive and didn't seem to care that I was trying to make a civil relationship and he acted like it was my fault that we didn't talk last night. Sure, I avoided eye contact, but I was incredibly uncomfortable because I hadn't seen him and didn't expect to. He made no other effort to say hi or anything.

    • Well that was mean maybe he doesn't know how to express his feelings and because of that he got so defensive. I think you should wait maybe he calls or texts you an apology but if it doesn't happen then just let go of him delete his number, textes with him and everything else. Move on out there probably are tons of guys waiting for you oh and about that friends thing he might or might not try to steal your friends away from you so you have no one

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