Please help me guys!! How do I get him back?

I broke up with my boyfriend of just 6 months cause I felt insecure in our relationship and I asked him how he feels and he said it's too early to express emotions like that but he feels things are ok the way they are with us and he want it to continue that way. He is closed up and not really opening up so easily because of his past relationships however I wasn't having any of that and I just said I don't have time for this bla bla we're over but now I'm starting to miss him like crazy but I might have lost him, what do I do?


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  • I still don't understand why did you broke up with him..

    • I didn't feel like he was where I was emotionally cause he never opens up, I don't know how he feels about me as he never speaks and I got frustrated.

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    • I know but I guess it's diffident for men cause as a woman after a certain time you just want him to tell you something so you feel secure in the relationship.

    • I guess. Personally if I like something , I would like to keep it that way without thinking much.. I guess its a guy thing.

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  • Maybe you can get him back dont give up call him, meet up with him and say to him about how much you miss him. Just don't lose hope


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