Help!!! I'm confused now?

My ex and I have been hanging out again like going to the movie's and things.
One night he wanted me to come over at 11:30 at night saying that I can sleep in when he goes to work and he'll leave me his key. I didn't go over because it was late though.
I hung out with him last night and we talked about his work, both of our financial things like 401k then he asked me if I had one. Why would he ask me that? Then he mentioned that he wanted to get a house.
When it was time for him to go to work I asked him if I could sleep in there like he wanted me to that one day and he said "I rather you not" and when I asked him why he could not give me a reason why.
Why did he not want to give me the key even though he likes me? Or I think he does?
I'm confused now?
Guys help?
Guys comment and give me your opinions please?


Most Helpful Guy

  • that guy has no intention to commitment toward you, which mean you are technically not together. I know you loved him, but why you keep looking for an excuses to convince yourself that he's still in love with you?
    sorry, but I'll be honest with you. your relationship became %90 friends with benefits and %10 love (only from your side).

    real love is not about sex, cuddle or financials talk or come over at 11:30 at night.
    real love is expressing your feelings freely (whenever you want), choosing daily to be committed to sustaining your relationship and care about keeping you secure, not asking you to come over night to takes care of his house while he gone to work... that's called disrespect.

    real love is when you don't have to ask these questions, then you truly are in love.

    Good luck...

    • He has taken me out before on dates like to the movie's

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    • Then why would he talk to me about financial issues?

    • thanks for trust

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What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you still with an ex? Especially one who's intentions are so unclear?

    • Because I love him and I know he has feelings back. What are his intentions?

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    • Perhaps just to make conversation.

    • Really? He doesn't always talk about that kind of things and he hasn't asked me about my things since we were dating.

What Girls Said 2

  • He doesn't sound like he have any real plans for you.

    • What do you mean?

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    • This is only my opinion but I dont think you should continue seeing, talking to, keeping contact with this guy.

    • Why not doesn't he like me

  • I guess coz when he called you he only wanted a quicky? lol

    • We'll we hang out regularly too and it's never a quicky with him

    • I see then I don't know :/

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