What happens if I'm positive during a break-up?

I live with my ex, though she rarely comes home. The first couple of days after the break-up, I was sore. I'm not resentful now, I'm just staying positive in our interactions, ignoring those conversations that seem confrontational, and being generally pleasant. I know we have no control over others, but how does this behavior come off to her, or generally percieved? Anyone have experience in acting positive or having dumped someone who then started acting rrally happy?

Insight would be appreciated,

If the question is unclear, I'm just curious if I can turn things around by being positive and upbeat.


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  • Did you really break up? If so, why in the hell are you still living together? It sounds like you are playing games with each other. You need to be honest with yourself about your agenda. You need to have some conversation with her about the possibility of resolving your differences; if that won't happen, one of you needs to move out.

  • She will perceive your positive attitude as one that doesn't care that the relationship is over thus you should expect a higher level of hostility from her. That was my experience

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