Why does my ex girlfriend still like my friends and sisters Instagram photos?

It's been a week since she broke up with me, and she made it clear, well it sounded that she was serious about not coming back... I treated her the best I could and everything she would want. And she knows it. Not sure what quite happened it's really weird how she ended it randomly. Anyways she blocked me everywhere on Social media but didn't unfollow anyone else? I haven't had any contact with her, which its up to her I think.. It was honestly a solid 5 months.. Which is funny her ex followed her on Instagram 3 days after she broke up with me and she followed him back a day later which was weird I saw.
Wbat should I do here? And why she's still liking my friends and my sisters photos on Instagram..


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  • Just because you guys aren't together anymore doesn't mean that everyone who is associated with you just falls off her radar. I wouldn't do anything except move on, if she wants anything to do with you she'll reach out and then it'll be your turn to decide to let her back in to your life or not.

  • Just because you two broke up doesn't mean she has to act like she doesn't know your friends or your sister, she's thinking of them without thinking about you. What should you do? Well nothing you can't do anything about it


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