Why would my ex asked to go to his family dinner?

We broke up for two months. He asked me when am I going to his family's place for dinner, and his parents are asking. He then asked how long haven't I seen him? About a month. When I saw him I can't tell what he thinks of me. But his questions are strange.


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  • he's just want you to meet his parents. some men nowadays will bring you around his boys, his family and even let you meet his momma but that no longer means he wants a relationship with you.
    most of the time momma/family/boys are already hip to the situation so they just smile and say "Hey". lol. This is why it's important to not only watch what a man does but also listen to what he says to see if they are both in alignment with each other because even though you may not be an official exclusive couple it doesn't mean he will treat you like a jumpoff so it's important to listen to what he saying also so you don't get caught up and end up getting your feelings hurt due to you falling in love based off his actions.

    Good luck...

    • But I already met his mom. They invited out of nowhere after 2 months passed. I think it's weird to go. Not sure what their, both he and his family, intentions are. you don't find it bizarre at all?

    • I think he's trying to get things clear to get back together. his invitation is just an excuse, probably to show his interest.
      I don't know what happen between you guys, but I think that guy feel some guilt for what he made in the past.

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  • He misses you. Breaking up is grief and just seeing you and going back to normality is better than adjusting to your absence. Do you want to go?

    • I suppose he could have another reason like he wants something from you. But I think likely he just wants to see you again.

    • I just saw him after a month. He was helping me out with work, which sometimes he'll ask if he need to during the past month. We just joked around but at some point he crossed his arms and sat away from me. pretty strange.

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