Is my ex trying to scam me?

We had a sad break up 2 months ago (mutual break up), he blocked me but I received a couple of texts from him over the past two months. When I texted back I got no reply. We just got back in contact face to face last week and he said that I was blocked the whole time but he could still text me, which is why he didn't get my replies. We seem to be getting along well, although he hasn't said anything about getting back together, but he has said that he still has strong feelings for me. He showed up at my house yesterday and called me from out the front. His name showed up in my phone as normal when he called. He came in for about and hour, we chatted, he borrowed a jacket and left. Today I texted him but received no response, I just tried to call but I'm blocked. He has an iPhone. Does this mean he called me yesterday, took the jacket and blocked me again? Or has he just not unblocked me yet at all? I'm now starting to wonder if he just scammed me for the leather jacket. He did say we would go out to dinner this week and he acted like we were back in contact. Just can't understand why I'm still blocked if we're at the very least "friends" again.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, my girlfriend which break up with me two months ago, also doesn't contact me at all,
    or reply to my messages. she also has an Iphone and I believe she blocked me to call her and send sms, but we're friends on facebook still and I type to her but no response.
    We we're together for more than 4 years, and she said we will be friends.
    I'm just wondering she want to be friends with me, but doesn't doing nothing to prove it.

    I don't know also what to do, I do lover her, but she ignores me in any cases.

    My answer to you is : Perhaps he is angry, he got up his self confidence high and now, he proceed like you're nothing to him, which he don't realize isn't true.

    • He has been very busy with establishing a new business and bought a new motorbike. He seems to be generally happy with his life. So you think he is just playing with me?

    • Well he is looking for a way to overcome the pain, and start doing some stuff ufcourse, I walso started swiming, fitness and dance lessons.
      So you can try something if you want to be with him really, prove it, at least you have nothing to lose.

What Girls Said 2

  • I dont think he is playing. He could go and play with someone else if he wanted to. He might be busy or he knows you want him and he doesn't feel he needs to work a lot for you. Wait for him but dont wait for too long! if he doesn't show up or text soon, please move on

  • if he's scammed you he's scammed you well , not just leave him alone. don't let a Ex stress you out!


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