Should we break up?

So I moved to a very small town with for my girlfriend's career. She got a great job offer there one she could not refuse and I'm having a really bad time finding a job. She has been paying my half of the rent for about 4 months and occassionally buys the grocery's. I help out where I can but I haven't been able to help with the rent at all. This is the core of our fighting.

I paid for the move though and I did a lot of the physical work, also I paid for a vacation before we moved and I just paid for her flight to chicago for a friends wedding. She is so upset with me that she comes home everyday yelling at me, I'm usually sitting on the couch watching tv and applying for jobs, what else am I suppose to do. I've applied for so many jobs and have just a couple of interviews, it's really tough.

We fight about everything, I just left the apt to go back home for a couple of days. We just sit in silence and she holds so much resentment towards me I feel terrible. I usually just go in another room when she gets home. Also she never wants to do anything she just sits on the couch for hours watching netflix and she's gained so much weight. Recently she told me I should work for Mcdonald's. Also, she's been demanding I clean up after her and gets really angry if she cleans up after me. She's also a very dirty person there's clutter and trash everywhere it's gross.

I feel like I'm in a toxic relationship and I would pay her rent if she moved with me for my career at least till she finds a job. I'm at my tipping point the thought of spending more time here just makes me feel terrible, I don't want to continue to do this.
Also, I tried to contact her friends via facebook message and she told me to stop trying to turn her friends against her. I told her I'm just trying to reach out for help. And they blocked me on facebook, unbelievable.


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  • If you feel you're at your tipping point then I think it's best you break up


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  • you have the right to wonder what did you do to deserve that kind of treat (especially from someone close to you), but this relationship is turning into (who's the boss? ... who's having more money?).

    I see non one of you have a plan for the future, not supporting each other and non one of you trying to take the responsibility. you're acting like kids. guess what? you are not kids anymore.. grow up.


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