Ex is stalking me?

My ex dumped me 3 weeks ago we had a crazy argument, we are now still in contact but I never text her at all she's been trying so hard to get my attention for the past week now. She first blocked me on everything and now unblocked me she does this everyday now. I set my most of my accounts on private to make her think she's blocked. I feel like she's stalking me seriously or trying for my attention I used to beg her so much to try again but now I'm just like forget that ignoring you what does she want from me I find it stupid?


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  • Well since you aren't giving her that attention anymore, she now wants it again...

    • Why me though she can get another dude what does she want?

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    • Yeah if you don't want to bother with her, just let her be lol and keep ignoring her

    • She's just strange and has nothing better to do with her time I don't understand her I can tell she hasent found anyone new but who's knows Lool, buts thank for the advice. Your a cool person would like to talk to you more maybe i can get your Facebook?

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  • You "feel" like she's stalking you... this means nothing.

    Does she text you first? If so, why don't you let her know you'd love to meet her and set a date. If she turns you down you can ask her to contact you if she changes her mind.

    • She used to text me but some bullshit to try piss me off like last week she sent screenshots at 5am to me of the hurtful things I said to her on text message I then said what's this about. She replied your just funny that's all I got to say I just ignored it.

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    • What should I do?

    • If you still like her you should cut contact until (if) she contacts you.

      When (if) she does you should say something like "It's great to hear from you, how about you bring a bottle of red round and I can cook you some dinner"...

      If she turns that down just say "That's a shame... let me know when you're free" and cut contact again.

      It's quite simple.

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