Help!!! I thought he liked me but now I'm not so sure anymore?

Things were going great with my ex and I. We were going to the movie's, getting dinner, hugging, kissing, cuddling, and holding hands.
One night at 11:30 he called me and tried to get me to come over saying that he would leave the key so i can sleep in while he goes to work and I can come over anytime. Later do I find out it was just to get me to come over because when I asked to stay and sleep in he said "I rather you not" and didn't give me any reason. Why?
Then he talking to me about his financial things and asking me about mine and telling me what I should do. Telling me his finacial plan. He was telling me about his plan to buy a house. Like why is he telling me all this?
Does he like me or what?
Guy's comment please!!!


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  • He likes you, for someone to tell you his plans then he likes you.

    • Yes but what is with the financial talk?
      And why didn't he want to give me his key?

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    • May be you talk to him, and ask him to explain.

    • I'm asking you why any guy would bring up getting a house

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  • Him saying no to the sleep over is likely because something else was going on.

    The talk about finances is likely him planning and getting a feel about you guys moving in together.

    • Nothing to was going on he had to work, I meant me sleep in there while he was working.
      If he's planning for us to move in together why aren't we dating yet?

    • If you are going to movies and dinners, isn't that dating? Perhaps he wants to rekindle with you? Otherwise, i haven't a clue

    • We'll I mean we are dating but I mean we're not officially together yet

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  • He probably likes you but just didn't want you to sleep over. Maybe he'd considered it and didn't want you to but he wasn't gonna say anything because he's already told you you could stay. But you asking if you could stay gave him an option to say no.

    • I have stayed over there before
      The thing is why didn't he want the give me his key

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    • It does for what I'm thinking about but if you don't want to answer you don't have to 😂

    • What are you thinking about

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