How can I forgive her and move on?

So my Girlfriend and I ended things about 2 months ago and we haven't spoken since. I think im okay with things being over but I can't seem to forgive her for leaving in the first place, she kinda turned on me so fast. We never fought, she just wanted to end things.
So I want to move on now but I can't seem to get over her in a way, im so dissapointed in her if you know what I mean. Any tips on how to get through this? Get over her and move on? Thanks.


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  • forgiving your ex is related to forgiving yourself, which mean you accepted what happened, but you can't forgive yourself. you may ask yourself why did she broke up with me? am I bad person? I know you have a lot of questions on your mind to ask and a lot of answers you need to hear from her, but that's is going to lead you to lose your self confidence.

    believe my, life will gets much easier when you learn to accept all the apologies that you never got. and that's will help you to know that the past is a perfect waste of today’s happiness, and to release unwanted thoughts out from your head.

    don't worry, she end things not because of you, but because she couldn't handle a nice guy like you treating her with respect.


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  • Can you think of the reasons she may have ended it? That might help you gain some closure


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  • You will get over her soon enough, don't worry about it, and you will forgive her easy then too, because she sucks and you won't care.
    Do something else in the meantime. Learn to make tacos in Mexico :)
    People that turn on you easy are not the type you can hold a lasting affection towards.


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