Is there a way to stop falling in love?

Each time I promise myself to not fall in love again but somehow it happens and I've never beenucky with love anyway.
I tend to get easily attached to people ( not as in clingy) that when I don't talk to them it makes me sad and miss them a lot.
I'm virgin and maybe a little naive for believing what everything guys tell me.
Because I'm honest I just expect from a guy who would be honest too.
I'm supposed to be at the peak of my life with dating / relationships etc but I'm so hurt and sick of it that I don't want to fall in love anymore... I feel like I can't trust anyone... how do you deal with this ?
I'd never thought would say this but I rather to stay single for the rest of my life...

I guess so... I'll try.. thank you !


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  • Loving someone isn't the problem, developing feelings for them is the problem.
    Avoid ANY romanthic thought or fantasy of being together. Never fantasize about something he didn't do.

    Its the only way to stop falling in love with your romantic fantasy version of him and get to see the real him with open eyes.


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  • Stay single rather than risk getting hurt? That's aweful. The benefits far out way any potential (short term) negatives. Just be more selective and don't give your heart to just anyone.

    • It's just because I'm tired of getting hurt each time :( it's like torture and It will give me a low selfesteem.
      Like how many times should I keep being fooled and tortured.

    • Like I said, be more selective and keep your heart to yourself until you are more sure of a guy's intentions.

    • yeah I guess so I'll try... thank you !

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  • Nope the heart wants what the heart wants trust me I know from experience there ain't much you can do in stopping it.

  • Well. there is a way but it's not going to be easy.


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